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Fe.Gi. Manifatture has a rich history, made in Italy. The company behind the WAMPUM, WPM DENIM and WPM KIDSbrands has its headquarters in Italy


Fe.Gi. Manifatture has a rich history. The company behind the WAMPUM, WPM DENIM and WPM KIDS brands has its headquarters in Teramo, Italy. From the 1960’s it has built itself an important niche in the fashion industry. Fe.Gi. Manifatture began in this fervent industrial climate in 1965 thanks to the vision and strong entrepreneurial instincts of its founder, Mauro Di Paolo. The company has been literally invading the market for over 40 years, spreading throughout Italy and abroad. The success of the WAMPUM brand, the standard-bearer of the company’s triumph, has led to the creation of two other brands. WPM DENIM meets the needs and trends of the young adult and the WPM KIDS brand caters to the important children sector.

The board of management These three brands are the fruits of a long entrepreneurial path that has led to the creation of a company that can boast a staff of 60 employees. The company spans two generations, from its founders to the current generation led by Giuliano Di Paolo. It has a strong family tradition, handed down from generation to generation and under the current management is bringing about numerous transformations and continued growth. It is quick to respond to the latest market trends and has an annual turnover of approximately 35 million Euro a year.

National market The market has responded to these investments and the quality of the product is generating a strong and growing demand, also on an international level. 80% of the current production is sold in Italy thanks to a sales network consisting of 11 agents who maintain firsthand contact with the various distribution channels of the three brands.

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  • 25%

    Retail Stores
  • 15%

    Department Stores
  • 60%


Export There is notable exportation to the Spanish and Russian markets. The markets in Greece, Holland, Malta, France, Slovenia and Montenegro are also growing thanks to a sales network made up of agents, importers and distributors.

Mission e vision This growing success story, made in Italy, is based on innovation and product quality, combined with the internal organisation of a company rich in tradition and history for over 40 years. Fe.Gi. Manifatture creates each of its brands with each member of the family in mind. The collections are designed to meet customer satisfaction and create brand loyalty, setting it apart from the other companies in the sector. From its foundation right up to the present day, all the components of the company have worked together for a principle objective – creating customer loyalty. This customer loyalty is obtained by customer satisfaction through quality, style, diversity and most importantly, value for money.