Matri, from Juve to denim

From Cagliari straight to Juventus – great changes for our “beau of the goal” who continues his rise to success on the football field. But it looks like football is not his only passion. As well as his uniform, Alessandro has chosen the WPM Denim style, reconfirming his image for the Spring Summer 2011 campaign. The new collection features an important innovation…each model has been created to express versatility and character. Garments with a sporty spirit reworked for round-the-clock wear, become eclectic and fashionable reinterpreted in ready-to-wear style. Again taking the infinite combinations of denim as the starting point, this collection is a MOOD LOOK, a style representing the everyday freedom to choose your look for the day with the glam touch of the WPM Denim stylists. The 10” advert encapsulates the philosophy of this personality packed collection, because WPM Denim is like you – always different and always the same.