WPM Denim on air with Francesco Arca and Camila Morais

pass WPM Denim on the air with Francesco Arca and Camila Morais. Created by Sintonia Comunicazione and scheduled for broadcast on leading nationwide TV channels, the new WPM Denim commercial is now out. After Sergio Muniz and Salvatore Angelucci, the famous fashion house has chosen two new testimonials for the commercial: Francesco Arca and Camila Morais.

Co-operation with the Lele Mora team continues with two new faces well-known to the general public, with significant backgrounds: Arca was one of the leading lights on TV with Maria De Filippi’s popular programme, and Camila is co-star on Saturday evening with Mino Taveri of the top sports programme of the day dedicated to Italian football. Directed impeccably by Stefano Bidini, the new 15” commercial was shot in My Bali in Milan. The story features the entrance to one of the trendiest places in town, where not everyone is allowed in. Camila and Francesco arrive but the bouncer stops them. The Brazilian model demonstrates all the sensuous appeal of WPM Denim by showing off “the true password of the evening”: with a twirl that gets her in; the product is therefore a pass into the most fashionable places around. Starting on Sunday 17 February the commercial was broadcast on prime time TV in the commercial breaks of Amici, Uomini e Donne and I Cesaroni on Mediaset, and by Rai during i Soliti Ignoti and the Arsenal-Milan match.

Sky broadcast the commercial during the quarter-finals of the Champions League and Amici live. This important scheduling will be followed in March by a press campaign in leading daily newspapers and sports monthlies. In Maxim, Donna Moderna, Il Corriere dello Sport, Top Girl and other magazines for WPM we will see not only Arca and Morais, but another important testimonial: Amauri Carvalho De Oliveira. The internationally famous footballer has renewed his contract with the fashion house, which dresses him from head to toe. The Italo-Brazilian striker will be used by WPM Denim to promote its products to sports lovers (and not only). The company continues to renew its products and to invest heavily in advertising.

The commercial can also be found on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-KC-pDGob4