logo wampum

It was in 1961, with the world in a state of transformation, that Wampum was born. It was in 1999, with the world on the brink of a new millennium, that WPM Denim, WPM Kids and Natural Woman were created

Wampum is here and always will be. For over fifty years the Wampum style has evolved, setting trends and influencing looks that appeal to the contemporary, dynamic man. From blue jeans to colored denim, from 100% cotton to technical fabrics, tastes have changed with each generation but Wampum has always been able to satisfy. The start of a new millennium saw new lines emerging; Wampum Natural Woman dedicated to the modern, active woman, WPM Denim created for a younger market, and WPM Kids. Each collection, each line and every garment is the result of a flawless mix of creativity, style and denim.

Logos History
  • Wampum 1961
  • Wampum 1990
  • Wampum 2000
  • Natural Woman 2011
  • Wpm Kids 1999
  • Wpm Denim 1999

  • Wpm Kids 2003

  • Wpm Denim 2003