Another Amauri goal dedicated to WPM Denim

amauri The Juventus striker, Amauri Carvalho De Oliveira, is well known for his sharpness and passion. This is plain for all to see in the new WPM Denim Jeans & Sportswear commercial starring Amauri. The commercial was created by Sintonia Comunicazione under the creative direction of Fabio Montanari. It was shot by Stefano Bidini and produced by Plus Production The main theme of the 15 second commercial is passion, like the tagline that ends the commercial “WPM Denim passion”. It opens with Amauri modelling on a runway. The arrival of a football ignites his passion and tenacity, oblivious to his surroundings. He takes the ball and gives the audience a virtuoso performance. His secret is to always be himself and follow his passions, just like WPM Denim. This characterizes the production and style of Manifatture Fe.Gi from Abruzzo, Italy. They create a casual clothing range of street wear suitable for people, like the Juventus striker, who want to be themselves in every situation. The fashionable and striking style set the brand apart in both its men and women’s collection.

The company has chosen the Brazilian striker for the third year in a row, because he embodies the style philosophy and creativeness of the WPM Denim man. The new Spring Summer 2009 campaign began with the premiere of the commercial during the Manchester United v Inter Milan Champions League match on March 11. The commercial will be broadcasted in prime time during the most popular programmes on the Italian TV networks (Rai and Mediaset). It will accompanied by a press campaign in all the major lifestyle and fashion magazines, bill posting and below the line advertising. A 360-degree advertising campaign for a historic Italian company that continues to renew itself, and invest heavily in advertising thanks to a fundamental ingredient: passion.

The commercial can also be found on YouTube: